Summertime Crime Breakdown

June 7th, 2019

With summer approaching, the community will begin to deal with summertime crime. As the temperature rises, people get out and about, having picnics, exploring outdoor events, and enjoying the warm summer weather. However, with more people out and about, crime tends to spike, and the statistics are there to back it up.  

The Department of Justice spearheaded this summertime crime spike study, finding a definitive correlation between rising temperatures and rising crime rates all across America, North Texas and Southern Oklahoma included. One type of crime, burglary, will see a spike of around 10 to 11% as each summer rolls around. Burglary isn’t all, however, and one can expect to see rates of vandalism, assault, larceny, and worse rise as well.  


Why Do Crime Rates Rise In Summer?  

Simply put, crime is more convenient in the summertime. If a person plans to commit an act of crime, it’s going to be far more uncomfortable to do so when there is snow on the ground and a fierce chill in the air. People will also leave the windows of their home open, hoping to catch a cool breeze while they sleep, leaving their properties vulnerable to a burglary or break-in. When residents leave their homes to explore the wonders of the city in the summer, criminals know that they have a few hours to come in, do their worst, and get out without being caught.  

As for violent crimes, there is no definitive answer as to why these also see an uptick during the summer months. It’s theorized that the hot weather can make aggression worse, but the fact that more people are out and about likely as an impact as well.  


What Can I Do To Protect Myself?  

 A fun summer is a safe summer, and this means investigating ways to protect yourself against the yearly uptick in summer crime. A few tips residents can use to protect themselves against crime are:  

  • Keep windows and doors closed and locked – Even though a summertime breeze creeping through the window at night sounds tempting, it might not be just the breeze making its way in. During the summer months, keeping all windows and doors locked will help to make your home less attractive to burglars and other criminals.  
  • Install a security system – A security system for your home is your best protection against criminal activity. Not only will the system alert you and catch evidence on film, but it’ll also act as an irreplaceable crime deterrent. Often, when a criminal knows there is a security system in place, they’ll skip over that property knowing that they’re more likely to be caught in the act.  
  • Make sure someone knows where you are – If you plan to go out at night to enjoy a nice summer evening, it’s always a good idea to tell a trusted friend or family member where you are going and when you plan to be back. Just in case something happens, a loved one will always know something is amiss.