Physical Security Is Critical To Protecting Banks

March 21st, 2019

In recent years, the primary focus of financial institutions in Denison, TX has been information technology security. That is because the biggest threats in Denison, TX have been hacking, malware, identity theft, and even internal leaks of sensitive data. These threats cost billions and are only getting more complicated and technologically advanced as the times pass. However, with so much focus on these threats, one of the most common threats is overlooked: Robbery.

Robberies Are An Increasing Threat For Banks

Over the last decade, bank robberies began to reduce across Denison. This was really a combination of the economy stabilizing and growing, as well as, new advances in security technology making robberies harder than in the past. However, as the economy starts to turn and new factors like the opioid crisis create more financial desperation, statewide we are seeing an uptick in violent bank robberies. 

ATMs Are Also A Target Of Physical Attacks

Beyond robberies of financial institutions, ATMs are also being targeted again by criminals. Criminals are breaking into ATMs or simply stealing the entire machine to get the money inside. ATMs are not only targeted physically, they are also targeted by smart hackers who will use malware to make them vulnerable to money theft. They are attacking ATMs both at financial institutions and off-site at corner stores and malls. 

Considerations For Physical Security At Banks

With more physical theft occurring across the nation, financial institutions need to again focus on countering these physical threats. These threats do not just put financial assets at risk, as many of these crimes are committed violently, they also put staff and patrons at risk as well. Furthermore, banks are highly trusted organizations and therefore need to have a reputation for strong security. If customers feel like their money isn’t safe in a bank, they will choose another financial organization.

A Simple Overview Of Physical Security Implementation

Not much has changed when it comes to providing physical security at a bank. However, technology has advanced. Access control is still very crucial, however, now they are very sophisticated and can utilize everything from biometric data to metal detectors to automated mantraps. Video surveillance is still key but now with high definition cameras, automated alerts to authorities, and facial recognition software, they can quickly identify and mitigate any threat. Finally, there are new techniques for security staff to protect a facility and patrons, so they need to be constantly trained on the latest countermeasures.

Full Security Integration For Banking

With physical technology getting so sophisticated, it can be integrated fully with your information technology security, This system, known as convergence offers comprehensive and layered security to protect banking institutions from every angle. Convergence can use biometrics to secure systems and transactions, as well as provide access entry and ATM access.

In order to upgrade these systems, you need to work with a security company that specializes in banking security. They can provide a full risk assessment and ensure that not only is your information technology secured and protected, but your physical location.