Make Sure You Protect Your Cameras

March 7th, 2019

For the average thief that is working in Denison, TX the presence of security cameras on a business or residential property is bad news. A camera is an “unblinking eye” that never sleeps, never gets bored, or stops paying attention. Whatever comes across its line of sight is seen and recorded, making security camera surveillance imagery perfect data to conduct investigations and even be used later in court.

However, while a security camera may be an effective deterrence for properties in Denison, TX, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. As with any piece of equipment, even security cameras have vulnerabilities, and while the average thief may not always know how to disable cameras, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t thieves out there who do. Here are a few of the factors you may need to consider to reinforce the security of your security cameras.

Power Cables

Older cameras that are still working on an analog system of direct feed of electricity and images via cables means that, just like with old fashioned telephone lines, once a wire is cut, the power is dead. If you have an older security camera system, make sure that your power and transmission lines aren’t visible and obvious. Bright cables leading up to a camera are easy to cut with wire-cutters, and, once found render a camera useless.

A concealed wiring system is preferable. It would help if you also had contingencies in place, such as an alarm system, to warn you of when power has been cut to a camera. The last thing you want is for your entire camera system to be down, and you don’t even know about it.

Wireless Cameras

One of the latest developments in security systems is the wireless camera. These cameras circumvent many of the vulnerabilities of older systems, often by working off their own power source, such as batteries, as well as transmitting their image wirelessly to any computing device—be it laptop or phone—with the proper software installed to receive it. 

However, because wireless technology is so standardized, this means that it is technically possible for your wireless system to be jammed, and no longer receive images. If a thief is technically savvy and knows the model and brand of your camera, it’s possible to send a stronger signal on the same frequency the camera is using, thus preventing transmission.

It’s important never to disclose the exact details of your security system. You want the system itself to be visible, but don’t advertise the specifics of that system.

Protect Your Privacy

One of the best ways to ensure your security in Denison, TX is to be smart about your privacy. Don’t announce on social media, for example, that you’re going on a vacation for two weeks, and then post a picture of your home with the address visible. Do not document the installation of a security system in your home for the entertainment of your followers on social media, and thus give away every secret of your new security measures.

Things like discussing details of your travel life in public, and online, or having easy identifiers, such as the family name on the home or mailbox, all leave you more vulnerable and expose your security cameras to greater scrutiny.