Keeping Your Metal Security Screens Clean

December 12th, 2018

Metal security screens are screens that have been specially reinforced to keep intruders out where they belong. Your typical screen on a window or door can be pushed inward or pulled out with relative ease, providing a simple and effortless entry for those looking to come into your home uninvited. Security screens, however, are made from steel mesh, which is built to be unable to buckle and are notoriously difficult to cut. Metal security screens can be cut and designed to suit any sort of window or door necessary, so they can work very well with the existing window systems you already have in place.

While a metal security screen doesn’t really require much maintenance to remain up to a suitable standard, they will require occasional cleaning just as any window screen would.

How To Clean Your Metal Security Screens

Cleaning your metal security screens is quite simple, which is something that many homeowners don’t realize. The steps to cleaning your metal security screens are:

First, you’ll want to dust your metal security screen with a soft rag capable of removing any loose dirt or dust that may be resting on the screen’s surface. Dusting rags made for vehicles or dusty parts of the home that are sprayed with chemicals to naturally attract dirt and dust work particularly well in the first step of cleaning metal security screens.

After dusting and removing residual dirt, you’ll want to begin wiping down the screen with a thick sponge saturated in warm soapy water. Ideally, you will want to introduce soap into all of the small crevices of the screen, which may take some elbow grease and light scrubbing.

Once you’re finished with the sponge, grab a scrub brush and begin scrubbing the screen vigorously. This is the deeper clean that will remove any leftover dust, dirt, or debris left behind by both the dusting cloth and the sponge method. Some metal security screens may have a coating, and for coated screens, a soft-bristled brush is recommended to avoid damaging the coat.

After scrubbing the screen down, it’s time to dry. Take a towel and gently dry the screen all over, making sure to remove all residual moisture and soap. Metal security screens may also be air-dried, as most security screens made today are naturally rust-resistant. The towel method is preferred to wipe away any streak marks and leave the screen dry, sparkling, and ready to be re-installed into the window.

A Clean And Secure Space

Metal security screens may be used in homes, apartments, and businesses alike, and a clean screen helps to provide a cleaner and more welcoming property. With gentle regular cleaning performed around once per season, your metal security screen will provide the same homey look like a regular screen, but with the added security that only a security screen can provide. Regular cleaning and care will help your security screen to perform its job optimally for many years to come.