How Drone Technology Can Enhance Your Perimeter Protection

December 20th, 2018

Over the past few years, drone technology has become more accessible to the public. Technology that used to only be accessible to the military is now available to the public. Individuals would be wise to consider taking advantage of this technology to help keep them safe. Drone technology is especially beneficial when it comes to perimeter protection. Below, we’ll highlight some of the primary ways in which drones can boost your perimeter protection.

Ability To See More

Drones are a useful part of a security solution because they provide more flexibility than standard security hardware. Agents can program drones so that they fly on pre-scheduled missions. Drones also contain autonomous task performance capabilities. Security agents can customize their drone technology to fit their every need.

Furthermore, drones are a useful tool because they can capture footage that would otherwise be unattainable. Drones can maneuver through areas that agents had trouble accessing in the past. This can provide agents with both a stronger proactive and reactive security presence. This, in turn, also keeps individuals safe. If there is a problem area on your perimeter, drones can provide valuable footage without jeopardizing human injury.

Enhancing An Existing Perimeter Protection Strategy

It’s now easier than ever for security agents to implement drone technology into their existing security hardware and software. If they already have a perimeter protection strategy in place, the company can use drones to enhance this strategy. For instance, imagine a company has existing lighting infrastructure that plays a critical role in their perimeter protection strategy.

With today’s technology, the company could outfit drones to the light structures easily. Drones could dock and charge on the lighting structures while in a protected environment. If someone were to break the perimeter, the drones could be connected to an alarm. The drones would dispatch to the border automatically, where they could then provide live footage to security agents.

Drones could also serve as a deterrent. If an intruder were to notice drones hovering overhead, they would likely be skeptical or concerned that they were under surveillance. This could cause the intruder to leave before causing any damage. The sight of a drone could also stall an intruder long enough for security personnel to arrive.

Fighting More Than Just Crime

Agents don’t need to use drones solely to fight crime, either. Drones could be a practical choice to help guard the perimeter against other emergencies, such as fires. For instance, drones could contain sensors that pick up on smoke. The drones could then pinpoint where the fire is occurring and relay this information to the relevant personnel.

Drone technology is so advanced that the machines could then plot an escape path around the fire. This could save countless lives. Perhaps this is where recent developments in drone technology genuinely shine. The machines provide more data and information, which creates more awareness in emergencies. They also allow companies to make operational improvements to their safety and security procedures.