The Security Camera Breakdown For Non-Technical People

September 12th, 2019

Not all business people, or homeowners, are also technically savvy. This might pose something of a challenge with all of the high-tech security cameras on the market today; how are you expected to understand these features when they just keep getting more complex? The good news is that security isn’t reserved for the tech-savvy, and all it takes is an easy to understand non-technical breakdown to learn just what you need to know about your security options. 

Breaking Down Security For The Every Person 

The average person likely won’t be able to immediately understand all the features and figures revolving around security cameras, and that’s okay. Breaking down security cameras in non-technical terms can clear up any confusion, and lead you down the path of which security options might be best for your needs. Some non-technical things to know about today’s security cameras are: 

  • Use best quality cameras near your entrances – The cameras near your entrances should be your best quality cameras, with the capability to take excellent photos. Why might this be? These cameras will get clear and precise face shots that serve as the best evidence should something occur on your property. For homes, this can catch porch pirates in the act with clear recognition, and for businesses, it’ll catch that burglar coming right to your front door.
  • Wide angle cameras cover wide areas – If you’re looking to secure a warehouse, a parking lot, or a large entrance walkway, what you’re looking for is a wide angle camera. These cameras are able to capture vast areas with a single security camera unit.
  • Bullet cameras are useful – While bullet cameras might be associated with discreet filming, that’s certainly not all they’re good for. These cameras are functional, affordable, and easy to place anywhere you need some extra security. Bullet cameras come with a vast array of different features, which lets you find just the kind of camera you want in a smaller size with a budget friendly price.
  • Consider indoor or outdoor – It’s important to remember that not all outdoor cameras will be suitable for indoors, and not all indoor cameras will be suitable for outdoors. If you’re planning to protect an outdoor area, it’s best to opt for an outdoor camera or a camera with a weatherproof housing. Outdoor cameras are better equipped to be able to withstand the elements, and many will feature wider angles to capture larger outdoor areas.

Cameras Aren’t Only For The Tech Savvy 

While looking into cameras might find you trying to pick around lots of technical jargon, that certainly doesn’t mean security cameras are only for the tech savvy. With the right help, the wide world of security cameras and all of their features is actually quite easy to understand. If you’re looking to secure your home or business, our professionals are here to help. Contact us at Grayson Pro-Tech, and we’ll make sure you have just the right security cameras for your needs today.