The Biggest Security Issues Facing Schools In America Today

February 14th, 2020

When Denison, TX children arrive at school in the morning, their focus should be on their learning. Did they ace that big project? Are they ready for the test? Did they remember their homework? With the rest of their lives ahead of them, they should be all-in when it comes to maximizing their potential at school. However, the reality is that young people are focusing on a lot more when they sit down in their classrooms, and safety is a top concern.


It’s up to administrative teams to keep kids safe, and to make sure that they feel complete security when they come to school each day. Whether it’s diffusing bullying situations, to protecting the school property from intruders, security is a top concern for administrative teams in Denison, TX and all across the country. When you have a multi-layered and thorough security strategy in place, you’re covering all of your bases to ensure your school remains a haven for learning.


Breaking Down The Top Security Threats In American Schools


When planning a school security strategy, one must consider all of the threats that could be facing schools in Denison, TX today. Some of the top security threats facing American schools today are:


  • Bullying – Many think of bullying as a social issue rather than a security issue, but kids who are bullied do not feel safe in their schools. This lack of safety turns this social issue into a security issue, and it’s something that administrative teams should be taking very seriously. Security cameras placed throughout schools can help to curb bullying issues, providing proof of situations where children may be being bullied. It’s important to ensure that no areas of the school are skipped over, and that tapes are reviewed when bullying is brought to the attention of administration.


  • Intruders – Children are a vulnerable part of the population, and intruders know this. Schools should be kept safe from outsiders, and there are a number of security solutions that can make this happen. Access control systems that only allow authorized access into a school building or campus are a sure way to keep intruders out.


  • Protection against burglary and vandalism – Burglary and vandalism is a security issue for schools all throughout the United States. One instance of burglary can cost schools tens of thousands of dollars or more, while vandalism cases can be so severe they render school buildings unusable until much needed repairs can be made. Alarm systems throughout the school can make sure that vandals and burglars are deterred from targeting the building, and they can make catching criminals much easier.


Safer Schools For Happier Kids


When young people feel safe and secure in their environments, they’re able to thrive in their academic and personal achievements. If you’re focusing on improving your multi-layered school security strategy, you’re not alone. To learn more about creating safer schools and campuses, contact us at Grayson Pro-Tech to see what we can do for you today.