American Students Deserve Safe Schools

February 28th, 2020

Education here in Denison, TX is about students going to school—whether that is elementary, middle school, high school, or post-secondary—and concentrating on their studies. Being a student is about learning about the world, but also learning about yourself and what role you will eventually play in the next generation of Americans.

Unfortunately, even here in Denison, TX, being a student is no guarantee of safety. Crime in American schools, particularly violent crime, is on the rise, and while students of the past had to worry about bullies and drugs, today’s students face the possibility of mass shootings.

Extraordinary Measures

While the US is often considered a world leader in many respects, sadly, this also applies to school violence. School shootings in the USA are 57 times higher than any other country in the world. This is a statistic that can’t be ignored since it plays out with alarming—and tragic—regularity on news broadcasts around the country at different times of the year.

It also means that we should take stronger measures to make sure students are safe and that they can concentrate on their studies and personal development. Part of that means using techniques that can help give students the protection and time they need when it matters most.


Security cameras in schools provide a multitude of different functions. Whether it’ a school building or an entire campus, a network of security cameras can help prevent crime and even assist in investigations. Security cameras record everything in view, which reduces activities such as bullying and drug dealing since now there is video evidence of these acts. When placed around the perimeter of a school, they can even help reduce truancy, since there’s no evidence of students leaving the grounds.

During a shooter situation, cameras provide a safe way to track the activities of a suspect as he moves from one area to the next. This also gives the police an efficient way to survey the entire area, see where innocents are located, and even monitor the activity of their own forces in the active shooter area.

Access Control

Another effective security measure for schools is known as “access control.” This does away with traditional analog lock and key mechanisms for doors and substitutes modern versions of locks. Some areas can be controlled with a key card, for example, or numeric keypad. Others can be remotely controlled from an authorized source.

Access control helps make a school more secure by controlling who can move through which doors. In the case of an emergency like an active shooter, remote “lockdown” is easier to accomplish. There’s even the chance that these mechanisms can block, deter, and funnel a shooter to areas where it is safer for the police to deal with the situation, away from students.

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