Addressing Concerns About Cameras In The Classroom

November 7th, 2018

Over the past few years, school violence has grown tremendously. For instance, in the 2015-16 school year, nearly 80 percent of public schools indicated that at least one incident had occurred on site. Examples of incidents accounted for in the study include:



Other serious crimes

Additionally, more than half of students indicate that they’ve experienced peer-to-peer violence while at school. This trend of school violence has prompted parents, school administrators, and government officials throughout TX to discuss possible prevention plans.

One of the solutions that continually comes up is the use of security cameras. However, even though many agree that security cameras could be particularly useful, there are some who worry about potential privacy violations as a result of having cameras in Denison,TX classrooms. Below, you’ll find an overview of the security vs. privacy debate as we seek to address concerns about cameras in school.

How Will Cameras Impact The School Environment?

When it comes to security v. privacy, this is one of the most-debated questions. Security advocates argue that installing security cameras will deter crime, violence, and bullying. They say that as a result, students will find the learning environment much more accepting and welcoming. Children can go to school and focus on their studies instead of having to worry about bullying.

Privacy advocates, on the other hand, argue that students should not have to worry about always being monitored. They say that this creates a system of fear and discipline and that students will be worried about doing something wrong. They make the case that those students who are shy or struggle with social anxiety may be even less inclined to participate knowing that they are on camera.

Where Will The Funds Come From?

Many school budgets are tight, and administrators find it difficult to secure funds for things such as classroom supplies. Thus, when the debate about security cameras arises, many people tend to ask where the school will obtain the funds for a security system.

Security advocates likely argue that this is a one-time, upfront investment that will pay for itself almost immediately. Privacy experts would probably say that alternative measures should be taken, even if they are not as effective. 

Professionals Can Help Address Concerns

If you’re a school administrator or government official in TX who is concerned about the potential backlash of installing cameras in your school, be sure to contact the security experts at Grayson Pro-Tech. At Grayson Pro-Tech, we have worked to implement security cameras and access control solutions in dozens of schools across the state and are very aware of the concerns parents may express.

We’ll work with you to design a system that keeps children and teachers safe while still providing a welcoming learning environment. We’ll listen to parents’ concerns in an attempt to design a system that addresses both security and privacy. As the local leader in school safety, there’s no need for you to delay any longer. Be sure to give our team a call today to learn more.