Considering Physical Security For High Security Areas

May 16th, 2019

Physical security systems in Denison, TX are comprised of installations like gates, fences, turnstiles, and other barrier systems that guard perimeters or entrances in high-security areas. These types of physical security are important, as they guard against determined attacks devised by individuals either in vehicles or on foot. With clever and strategic use, physical barriers such as these and others will significantly increase a Denison, TX property’s overall protection.

What To Know About Today’s Physical Security Barriers

There is a lot to know about today’s physical security barriers. Some key points about the benefits and usage of physical barrier security measures are:

  • They create a much-needed delay – Not only do physical barriers work to deter potential criminals, but they also create a much-needed delay should a security breach occur. It will take a considerable time for a person with ill intent to breach a security wall or fence, which provides time for those inside to do what they can to defend the property.
  • Today’s physical security is backed up by tech – Technological advancements have made their mark on physical security barriers, and today’s barrier layers are often backed up by top-notch tech. When a fence, turnstile, wall, or other layer is breached, the tech monitoring the barrier alerts those inside and the authorities to the potential threat. Therefore, if a person manages to breach security, they are very likely to be caught in the act by authorities.
  • Physical security is considered the onion barrier – Physical security is what is considered a classic onion skin barrier, meaning it rests on the outside helping to protect what is held within. Some examples of an onion skin barrier would be bars on windows, a high fence, or even a locked door. Sometimes, there will be multiple onion skin barriers guarding one particular area, like in the instance of an access controlled locked door, opening to a room with a locked closet, and within that closet rests a locked safe. The contents of the safe are what the layers are protecting.

The Importance Of Fencing And A Tough Physical Security Barrier

For very large high-security areas, finding the right physical security barrier in Denison, TX can present a real challenge. Powered fencing, crossed with access controlled gates and barrier ditches, presents the perfect wide-scale solution. A Denison property can install the powered security fence, install a gate within that fence, and have ditches dug around the fence for a security layer that really covers all bases. For those on foot, getting through a powered fence will present a real challenge, vehicles won’t be able to outsmart the ditch, and going in and out will be completely controlled by the access control gate.

High-security areas should use a combination of tech security and physical security to ensure their entire perimeter is amply secured. With these measures in place, security officers managing these areas can rest assured that they’ve done everything possible to keep potential intruders out.