Looking Into Americas Smart Cities

April 4th, 2019

Some level of crime is an unfortunate expectation in larger cities, whether in the United States or abroad. Despite having the best teams of law enforcement, covering an area so densely populated will generally generate some type of crime. In an effort to minimize this crime as much as possible, and attract both businesses and tourists into city areas, many American cities are adopting smart city practices to create safer communities.

When one takes a look at the 5 safest cities in America, adopting smart city technology is one thing they all have in common. Cities like Denison, TX can benefit from these technologies, and all that smart city technology has to offer. These technologies are not one size fits all, and can be modified or customized to suit any city’s particular safety or security need.

How Safe Cities Have Adopted Safe City Technologies

In order to take a look at how safe city technology works to make cities like Denison, TX safer, it pays to investigate how America’s safest cities are using these technologies. Some of America’s cities using smart city technologies are:

  • Boston – The city of Boston is one of the safest cities for pedestrians, getting residents and tourists out and walking the city’s streets. Boston has rolled out a “Complete Streets” initiative, which builds a safer grid of roadways, and adjusts depending on the specific neighborhood and its individual needs. Using smart video analytics, Boston has been able to build a safer walking city for its residents.
  • San Francisco – The city of San Francisco has raised the safety ranks with its use of gunshot detection software. Gun violence began becoming a growing concern for the city’s law enforcement teams, prompting the city to install shot detection sensors all throughout city limits. Due to this investment, the city has experienced a whopping 34% drop in gun activity between the years 2014 and 2016. Huntingdon Station, NY, a smaller city, adopted the same technology and saw a 50.2% reduction.
  • New York City – New York City is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. In recent years, the city has implemented a variety of smart city technologies in order to make life noticeably safer and more comfortable for its residents and millions of annual tourists. Citywide WiFi, bike sharing programs, subway system upgrades, and open computer centers for low-income neighborhoods are just a few ways in which smart city technology has been used to improve New York City living.

No City Too Big Or Too Small

There is no city too big or too small to feel the positive effects of adopting smart city technology, and this includes Denison, TX. Even small investments in these technologies make a sizable and noticeable difference for those living and visiting these cities, providing a better quality of life for everyone. No matter what a particular city’s concerns may be, there is a smart city technology solution that can cater to that specific need.