How To Choose The Best Monitoring Plan For Your Home Security Needs

April 10th, 2020

When you invest in a home security system in Denison, TX, you are looking for something that is of high-quality and offers you all the features you want to adequately protect your home and family. However, have you thought about how effective the security system is really going to be if you depend on yourself to monitor everything?

Instead of missing a notification or not spotting when something is wrong, you should consider a monitoring plan for your home security needs. A monitoring company can watch your home and system 24/7 and immediately notify you and the authorities when something is wrong.

Today we will talk about how to choose the best monitoring plan for your home security needs.

Types of Monitoring

There are usually only two types of security monitoring, and they are personal and professional. Personal monitoring is typically when you monitor everything yourself after choosing to install a lower quality security system for the home. This means you have to have a close eye on everything at all times.

Professional monitoring, on the other hand, is done from a monitoring center. They keep close tabs on everything that is happening at your home at all times. They offer much faster response times, and this reduces the risk of harm, damage, and losses in the case of an incident.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

So, as you choose your monitoring plan, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Basic Monitoring Plans. This is a good way to start if you have recently purchased your home security system. It is also a good choice if you don't have access to a smartphone.


  • Advanced Monitoring Plans. These are more complex but also allows you to be much more involved. You are updated with your smartphone, and you can receive text alerts regarding the status of the home. It also grants you remote access to your home security system.

Choosing Your Plan

Most of these professional monitoring plans offer 24/7 surveillance of the property. In addition to watching for intruders, they also monitor for excess carbon monoxide, water levels, and smoke in the home. Choosing your plan will really come down to your personal preferences and the features you want with your home security system.

A more advanced and interactive system may be better suited if you have kids that often spend time home alone, if you travel frequently, or if you have elderly parents that live with you.

Professional monitoring will stay on top of everything, and you will be able to see what is happening when you are away from your home in Denison, TX.

For more information on purchasing a high-quality security system for the home or to learn more about the benefits of 24/7 professional monitoring for your home, contact the security experts at Grayson Pro-Tech in Denison today.

They can walk you through your options and help you find the best security system and monitoring plan to keep your home and family as safe and secure as possible.