How To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Security Cameras

August 30th, 2019

Installing security cameras in your home is a great first step toward keeping your family and your possessions safe. Security cameras are the ultimate crime deterrent. Plus, even if a criminal is bold enough to break in with the presence of cameras, your family and law enforcement will be alerted immediately and you will capture the damning evidence to send the criminal to jail. However, if you really want to get the most out of your security cameras, there are somethings you should know. Here are some tips to get you fully equipped to provide the best security for your home possible.

Take Advantage Of Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring lets you check in on your house from anywhere there is an internet connection. You can even watch live footage of your home from your smartphone. With remote monitoring, not only can you check in on your home when there is something suspicious happening, you can also make sure everything is going smoothly. You can check on your kids while they are in another part of the house. You can watch and make sure maintenance workers and contractors are doing their job. You can even make sure you turned off the stove before leaving.

Take It To The Next Level With Remote Controlled Cameras

Say there is something suspicious happening on your property, perhaps an intruder has entered your yard. With remote controlled cameras, you can turn the cameras and focus on the intruder and watch what they are doing. You won’t have to worry about losing sight if they step out of frame. This tool can also be used to monitor other things in your house. For example, say you notice your kid isn’t in their playroom, you can quickly switch between cameras and effectively “look around” until you find them. This can be a great feature for younger children.

Set Up Alerts So You Know When Incidents Are Happening

Security cameras can be equipment with sensors that can turn the cameras on whenever something happens. You can then connect these to your smartphone to receive alerts. For example, if an intruder enters your backyard, the cameras will immediately turn on and send you an alert so you can get your family to safety. This is also helpful if you have small children and they get out of bed. You’ll get an alert that they left their bedroom so you can go check on them.

The best part about all of these activities are they are completely affordable. The modern home security systems installed by Grayson Pro-Tech can easily and affordably be equipped with any high-tech feature. That way you can not only protect your house from intruders, you can help protect your family from other issues. Give us a call today to learn more. We do a full point inspection and design custom systems that can meet any of your needs. We are fully licensed and insured and can be trusted to protect your home.