How To Avoid A Bad Alarm Contract

May 10th, 2019

An alarm system for a home or business in Denison, TX can be an incredibly wise investment, but only if you’re getting your money’s worth. With a good alarm system, not only are you alerted if there’s an intrusion into your home or business, that alarm is monitored by the service provider you signed a contract with, and so you should also expect some kind of response, whether that’s private security or the police.

But when you get a poor contract for your alarm system in Denison, TX, this often means that you’re getting far less for your dollar than what you deserve. So what can you do to make sure that if you get an alarm, the contract that comes with it is a good one?

Avoid Door-To-Door Sales

One of the easiest ways for people to buy products, or enter into contracts that don’t favor them is to fall victim to a door-to-door salesman’s aggressive approach. Door-to-door sales often rely on high-pressure tactics that don’t give the customer time to think, and instead aggressively push for a resolution to end an unpleasant, but not necessarily illegal confrontation. As long as a person doesn’t have a gun to their head when they sign a contract, legally, they can’t be said to have been forced into the contract, since it was still technically a voluntary choice.

Unfortunately, when it comes to door-to-door alarm contracts, while the alarm system itself may be legitimate, it may come with unnecessary expenses, such as very high monitoring fees, or other additional riders that are inflated in cost and not equivalent to the level of service being offered. If you can’t refuse a door-to-door sales approach, be aggressive about taking names, company information, and anything else that can be verified.

Always Do Your Research

If you’re not being accosted right at your door, but are instead seeking these services out on your own, research is your best friend. Always look into the reputation of a service, and always see if it’s possible to get a consultation and a written estimate.

Any service that is unwilling to provide a written estimate after an assessment of your security needs should raise a red flag. It’s a sign that they want to give you a verbally low price, but then with the legally binding, printed contract, include services and conditions that will raise the price.

Read The Contract

This is your first and last line of defense. When you get a contract for an alarm system, read it carefully. If you’re unsure about anything, or there are certain legal elements of the contract you don’t understand, find someone who is more knowledgeable to read it for you.

Keep an eye out for unpleasant surprises like installation fees, or termination fees that were never discussed. Extra charges for moving, or even the inability to upgrade or cancel a contract—lock you in forever—may also be present if you’re not paying attention.

By being prudent with your alarm contract in Denison, TX you can make sure your home or business is getting the protection it deserves at a fair price.