Best Home Security Solutions for Outdoor Monitoring

December 27th, 2019

When talking about the different home security solutions that are available in Denison, many people will focus more on protecting the inside of their home when they should also allow some focus to go to the exterior of the property as well.

Once you have the interior of your home well protected, it is time to analyze the exterior of your property to see the areas in which you can improve and offer your home another level of protection from the outside in.

Secure Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are reportedly one of the primary ways a burglar gains access to the home. There are many aspects of these exterior doors that may prove to be weak spots, including the handle and lockset, the door jamb, the door frame, and even the door itself. Sliding doors are also a point of weakness and are often overlooked by homeowners.

You should never rely on the traditional lock you have on your exterior doors. Instead, install a stronger lock set to help prevent burglars from easily gaining access to your home. Security bars and vertical bolt locks should also be considered for your sliding doors.

Secure All Windows

When it comes to securing your windows, you want to look for reinforced glass or even acrylic windows. They are harder to break than traditional glass windows. Also, having multiple panes of glass can also be good for adding strength and durability to keep intruders out.

Window sensors add another layer of protection for the windows as well. When a window is opened, the sensors will immediately alert you. You can also purchase glass breaking sensors that send out an alarm for breaking glass.

Secure the Garage Door

The garage door is an aspect of home security in Denison that many homeowners tend to overlook. However, breaking into a garage can be relatively quick for an intruder. They can also close the garage door behind them so it doesn't look like anyone is there. This gives them more time in your home unnoticed.

To secure the garage door, make sure to shut it and lock it. Never leave the garage door opener in your vehicle and utilize a garage door sensor so you can be remotely alerted whenever the garage door is opened. Some newer garage door openers also come equipped with a feature that allows for auto-closing. The garage door will close automatically if it has been open for too long.

Exterior Lighting

Another big thing you can do outside to improve the security of the home is to ensure that you are using adequate lighting. A well-lit exterior has proven to be a significant deterrent for criminals. Porch lights take away the darkness that many burglars want to have to get into a home unseen. Landscape lighting near the windows increases visibility around the home as well.

For more information on security solutions you can install on the outside of your property, contact Grayson Pro-Tech in Denison, TX to go over all your exterior home security options.