Why Your Business Needs A Security Camera

July 6th, 2018

Business owners in North Texas hold a lot of responsibility in their hands. Juggling relationships, people, and sales quotas are just the tip of the iceberg.  Your biggest responsibilities lie with the safety of the: 

  • Building 
  • Inventory 
  • Employees 
  • Customers  

You can lock the doors when you leave at the end of the day, but how much protection does that give to larger businesses? How much does that do for crimes that occur in broad daylight? The answer to both of the questions is: not enough.  

Security Cameras For Theft Prevention  

Video surveillance using security cameras is everywhere. Many businesses, from fast food to furniture stores, know that a video surveillance system is highly effective for security. There are many advantages of security cameras in the workplace and by installing them in yours, you’re saving yourself from plenty of future hassle.  

Between shoplifting and employee theft, the retail industry alone lost nearly $48 billion dollars in 2016. This is probably the number-one reason why businesses should install security cameras. These cameras can prevent crimes such as vandalism and break-ins by deterring potential burglars on both the outside and the inside. There are several other ways in which a security system can benefit a business that might be less obvious.  

Additional Security Benefits  


With security cameras in place, you have an easy way to resolve business disputes. If someone slips and falls in your store and tries to blame your business, security footage might show fraudulence. When customers and employees have a dispute, the recorded video can settle it. Video provides clear proof in any incident, leading to a fair resolution.   

If there’s ever an incident that needs investigation, security cameras can offer plenty of evidence. Any crime or suspicious activity that happens in or around your business can be monitored. Even if it has nothing to do with your business directly, you might be able to help the police catch the perpetrators of a crime.   

As long as employees understand the reasons why you have a monitoring program in place, the use of security cameras can not only make them feel safer, it also has the potential to increase their productivity. Employees can work to their fullest capabilities when they are being monitored. Video surveillance can also reduce workplace violence and harassment.  

You might not think about it, but video surveillance can help business managers and retail stores provide a better shopping experience. When customers see security cameras, they’ll feel like the business cares about their safety. Managers can also improve product placement and floor-plans based on watching traffic patterns.   

Protect Your North Texas Business  

The benefits of installing security cameras at your workplace are plentiful. In order to protect their assets, every business should take the time to learn about their options for installing some type of video surveillance system At Grayson Pro-Tech, we can answer all of your questions about security cameras, and provide for all of your security system installation needs.  Keep a better eye on your business, your transactions, and your people. Contact us today.