Which Type Of Access Control System Is Right For Your Business

February 14th, 2020

Identity management is critical to help protect your most valuable business assets. One of the best ways to support good identity management is through an access control system. Access control systems are a simple way to control who has access to vulnerable assets like IP, financial assets, and expensive or dangerous products. Many Denison businesses already use some form of access control system, however you may be using the wrong system for your business. In order to ensure that you have the most effective access control system, it’s a good idea to look at the three types of access control and decide which will work best for your company. Here are three most common types:


  1. Basic Readers:


Basic readers are the oldest type of access control systems. They either utilize a magnetic card or a pin code entered into a keypad to unlock the door. These systems are great for the areas that all employees have access to in your building. They are ideal for the reception area, hallways, or even exit and entry doors. They are extremely simple to use and manage, so they can be changed quickly in the event of a security breach.


  1. Semi-Intelligent Readers:


Semi-intelligent readers work just like basic readers but with one key difference. When the card is swiped or pin entered into the keypad, the data is then transferred to storage on a database. This helps a security team manage sensitive areas and monitor who is going in and out. Semi-intelligent readers are ideal for areas that are restricted to users, but still need easy access. They are perfect for records rooms, server rooms, and other protected areas that authorized staff needs to access routinely and anywhere you need to track staff entry and exits.


  1. Intelligent Readers:


Intelligent readers are the newest type of access control system. They work like traditional access control systems, but they are programmed to make decisions independently. If triggered, they can automatically lock the doors without security staff review. Intelligent readers are best for areas that contain highly sensitive information or dangerous products. They are a great solution for Denison businesses in the financial, government, and law enforcement industries.


Integration Of The Three Kinds Of Access Control


What’s great about the different types of access control systems is they can be used individually or fully integrated into one system. They can be completely customized to your unique Denison business operations by a security expert. That way you can make sure that you get the most protection possible for your vulnerable areas, while still keeping access entry straightforward for your employees.


At Grayson Pro-Tech, we have over 34 years of experience designing and installing access control systems for Denison-area businesses. We will help you assess your current access control systems, design a custom solution for your business, and make sure that your valuable assets are always protected. Give us a call to learn more!