What You Can Do To Prevent Organized Retail Crime

October 4th, 2019

Organized retail crime (ORC) is a serious danger to many retail stores.  ORC isn’t as common as regular shoplifting or employee theft, but it costs businesses a lot more per incident.  Organized retail criminals work in teams:  one or more thieves will distract the employees and run interference, and the rest of their confederates get to work stuffing everything they can into backpacks or oversized purses.


Organized thieves are already bolder than the average shoplifter, and so they will consistently steal from the same retail stores if they don’t see the employees or managers do anything to stop them.  In fact, at some stores, they get help from dishonest employees who look the other way or help them out.  That’s why a good security system is essential:  it shows potential thieves that you’re ready and watching, and so they’ll go somewhere else rather than risk getting caught.


Electronic Article Surveillance


Electronic article surveillance (EAS) refers to the tags or RFID labels that many businesses add to expensive merchandise like clothing, software, books, and so on.  When an active EAS tag passes through the sensors by the door, the alarm goes off and gets everyone’s attention.  Some ORC rings have come up with ways to disable or jam EAS tags, so make sure the system you use comes with countermeasures that make them harder to disable.


Security Cameras


Actively monitored security cameras can be the single most effective way to spot organized retail crime before the thieves can get away.  Most stores place their surveillance cameras behind cash registers and near entrances, but you should also have a camera or two that can see behind the shelves in the back of the store where the employees don’t often go.  Organized thieves are more likely to steal from these areas since it’s easier to hide what they’re doing.


Access Control


Not all ORC groups strike during working hours.  Sometimes they sneak in after you close up, and they’re more likely to do so if your closing employee forgets to lock the door or sells them a copy of the key.  You can prevent this by using automatic smart locks with card readers and access logs that tell you who went into your stockroom or office and when.  You should also make sure that your closing employee is someone both reliable and trustworthy.


Monitored Alarm System


If burglars (organized or otherwise) go after your business, they can be in and out in a matter of minutes.  A good alarm system can detect opening doors, motion, and glass shattering to make it harder for burglars to disable everything before getting in.  With a monitored alarm, both you and your security company can receive notifications the instant it goes off for the fastest possible response.


While other forms of theft are more common, a single ORC group can steal more than what a dozen shoplifters could take.  A strong security system is your best bet for spotting them, plus it can prevent them from even trying anything in your store.  To learn more about retail security technology, contact Grayson Pro-Tech today.