The Three Most Important Places To Install Security Cameras At Your Business

August 23rd, 2019

The best way to protect your business is by installing security cameras. They are the strongest deterrent to crime, they help your security staff and law enforcement respond faster to major incidents, and they provide inarguably evidence. However, a security camera system is only as good as its installation. Where you place your cameras has a massive impact on their efficacy. Here is a basic guide to where you should place your cameras.

A Quick Review Of The Legal Requirements

Every district has different laws concerning the placement of security cameras. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anywhere where people expect a measure of privacy. Rooms like bathrooms, changing rooms, and breast-feeding rooms are always going to be off-limits. If you are unsure if a room is protected by privacy laws, speak with your security professional. They will be able to advise you on where you can and cannot place security cameras in your unique business.

1. Points Of Entry

One of the most vulnerable points in any building is the entrance and exit areas. Mounting cameras both inside and outside your entry areas will help ensure that you know when people are coming and going. This is also the best place to capture footage of any criminals that may break into your facility. If you work in retail or have a business with a lot of outside foot traffic, it’s a good idea to also place a monitor showing the recording feed so people know there are cameras in the building.

2. High Value Targets

High value targets vary across industries. In retail, a high value target is the cash register. In an IT company, the high value target is the expensive equipment. In a financial services business, the high value target is the big data stored about clients and transactions. These are the places criminals will target because they have the highest payout. So when installing your cameras making sure to place them facing high value targets.

3. Employee Areas

Though watching your employees may seem intrusive. However, there are numerous reasons for placing cameras in employee areas. First, employee theft is a major issue for most companies. Even the most trusted employee can be committing a crime behind your back. Secondly, monitoring employees can help in cases of assault or belligerent customers. Next, it can also help with worker’s compensation claims. Finally, monitoring can also help you see areas of inefficiency so you can improve your workflow processes. 

Placing your cameras in these three locations will help protect your business. At Grayson Pro-Tech we can help determine where else you should have security cameras. We’ll do an onsite walkthrough of your building and identify areas of vulnerability. They will design a custom solution with the most high tech security cameras on the market. We’ll do this all while fitting within your budget. Give us a call today to learn more!