The Best Way To Protect Your Commercial Property

February 6th, 2019

The Best Way To Protect Your Commercial Property

As a business owner you have a lot of pressures. Add to that the possibility of theft and burglary, and internet hacks, it’s a constant worry. Keep in mind the threat from theft is not just from outside but can come from within the company itself. You need to protect your property and employees, your customer’s personal information, and your inventory. 

Why Should A Business Invest In An Alarm System?

You may be questioning the need or the expense of getting a professional security system installed. There are several valid reasons to install a security system besides just a deterrent for burglars. They include:

  • Lower Insurance Rates: When insurance companies find out you have a security system in place, they know that it reduces the threat and keeps the business safer. With a safe business, insurance companies save money and then pass the savings on to you.
  • Deterring Crime: Thieves prefer an easy target and do not want to chance getting caught. So any form of monitoring and they move on. 
  • Maintain A Professional Appearance: When your customers notice the security system in place they feel that you care and that the customer and their personal information is protected. 
  • Protects Your Company Against Liability: If a customer tries to blame you for something that happened on your premises, often a security camera can demonstrate what occurred and can lead to resolution quicker.
  • Rapid Emergency Response: Be it a break in, possible fire, or medical emergency, your monitoring team can notify the proper authorities and the response time is much quicker. 

Workplace Surveillance And Monitoring

Workplace surveillance and monitoring has other benefits besides deterring theft. The most valuable include: 

  1. You can monitor not just an employee’s suspicious behavior but their productivity
  2. Monitor the suspicious behavior of customers
  3. Protect data security and intellectual property
  4. Provide security for your staff from assault 
  5. Eases the process for applying for any security compliance certificates
  6. Secure protected areas with high value items
  7. Decrease the risk of litigation in workman’s compensation or slip and falls by providing evidence after an incident

Understanding The Legalities For Workplace Surveillance

You may be concerned if it is legal to monitor your employees in the workplace. Just what you can monitor is dependant on the laws of your state. Most states will require you to inform your employee or potential employee that they will be monitored. As a business your employees should not assume privacy on company grounds and vehicles. There are two exceptions: Monitoring employee bathrooms and locker rooms is strictly illegal.

Consulting with a professional security specialist who can advise you what the laws are in your state will save you from any legal repercussions. They will also review your business needs and determine where to install the system and what features will ensure your workplace is safe and secure. This will leave you with peace of mind and able to focus on running a profitable business.