The 3 Basic Features Of Office Security

October 17th, 2019

When you run a company out of an office, you may share the building with several other companies or you may have a location all to yourself.  If it’s the first case, the building owner should have some security systems you can use to keep your location and your assets safe from burglars and thieves.  If it’s the second case, you’ll need to handle all your security arrangements yourself.


Either way, securing an office space tends to be much easier than securing a retail store or restaurant.  Fewer people come in through your doors every day, and those that do will usually have appointments so you only have to deal with a few guests, clients, or customers at once.  This means you can use stiffer security features and keep them active in more areas.  Still, the basics for every physical security system are the same no matter what:  access control, surveillance, and alarms.


Access Control


Any system or feature that lets some people in while keeping other people out is an access control system.  Everything from a simple deadbolt to the most advanced biometric lock is an access control system.  In an office building, you’ll have a lot of employees coming and going, and it helps to give each one a unique keycard that will unlock the doors they need to get through but not work on the areas where they don’t need to go.  This way your employees won’t have to juggle several keys or remember several passcodes just to reach their workstation.




Surveillance cameras allow you and your security staff to be in several places at once and keep an eye on all your employees.  Employee theft is a very serious problem that every company has to keep in mind, and by monitoring employees and recording their actions you can find out who’s been honest and who’s been stealing.  Surveillance also lets you deter burglars with exterior cameras, spot harassment incidents, and evaluate employee performance.  Thanks to wireless technology, you can install modern security cameras without having to clear it with your building manager.




Alarm systems are very important in office buildings.  A burglar alarm goes off when someone breaks open a door or smashes a window, and other emergency alarms can go off when they sense fire, a carbon monoxide buildup, and potentially flooding.  When you install an alarm system, try to get one that’s actively monitored by a security company.  This way the company can contact both you the company owner and the authorities immediately when the alarm triggers.


No matter what size company you have or how much floor space your office takes up, it’s important to set up some basic security features that will keep your employees and your assets safe.  However, it can be hard to tell which security system would work best for your layout, business type, budget, and local crime risks.  That’s why it helps to call an experienced security company like Grayson Pro-Tech to get a security consultation and narrow down your options.