Reduce Your Financial Risks With A Business Security Plan

August 9th, 2019

In a perfect world, a business owner could relax and focus on growing their business. However, in today’s world, business owners face a lot of security threats that can cost them big. Luckily, there is something you can do. By developing a business security plan, then implementing it, and monitoring it as your business expands and grows you reduce theft, build a good reputation for being safe, and increase your bottom line. 

Seven Reasons You Need A Security Plan

There are many benefits to having a security plan and surveillance system. The top seven reasons include:

  1. Theft Deterrent:

Theft of property and data is very expensive. Thieves prefer not being videotaped and will avoid buildings with surveillance systems. Interior cameras also deter internal employee theft.

  1. Professional Appearance:

Customers feel more secure when they realize you are protecting them and their information. With surveillance cameras inside and out of your building, you can show your customers you are doing everything to keep them safe. They also show that you are a serious business with valuable assets that need to be protected.

  1. Insurance Discounts:

Most insurance companies will offer discounts when they know you have a security system. They know that security systems and a powerful deterrent and as a result, they are less likely to pay a claim. So they’ll pass those savings onto you. In a lot of cases, these discounts can actually pay for the system itself. 

  1. Protection Against Liability:

Often a camera can prove or disprove liability claim from a client who states they were injured while on your premises, or due to your negligence. Surveillance systems also work to protect you from the liability that can arise in situations of conflict between customers and your staff. They can also document your assets so if you have ever to file a claim you have proof they existed. 

  1. Rapid Emergency Response:

Most security systems will alert the owner and the proper authorities to address the emergency. If there ever is an emergency, this alert system will help first responders to arrive on the scene faster. A few seconds in a crisis can make all the difference. 

  1. Protect Your Property:

Theft isn’t the only costly crime to your business. Your business may also be vandalized. Vandalism is extremely expensive to clean up. Security systems help prevent vandalism by deterring criminals and notifying you if there is an event.

  1. Protecting Tangible Assets:

With cyberattacks and breaches occurring all over the world every day all day long, it is important that you also safeguard your data and intellectual property. A modern security system has all of these features. 

Security Solutions For Your Business

At Grayson Pro-Tech, we specialize in providing expert video security and surveillance services to business owners. Give us a call and our experienced technicians will be happy to discuss your needs and budget. Then we’ll help you develop a custom security system for your property to give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing you have protected your business.