Integrated Security Solutions For Data Centers

March 14th, 2019

In modern times, data is the key to successful business operations. Whether it is customer information or intellectual property, data centers hold a lot of critical and sensitive data for your business. Therefore, it is crucial that your data center is fully protected from both internal and external threats. Protecting data is a little more tricky than simply protecting a physical asset because of the nature of the asset. Data can not only be physically stolen, but it can also be accessed electronically. 

How An Integrated Approach Protects Data Centers

An integrated approach uses layers of different security technology to protect your data. First, you will need access control to make sure that people cannot enter the data center unless authorized. This uses a combination of video surveillance, security barriers, and access control systems like card readers. These are repeated multiple times throughout the facility and may start at the entrance to the parking garage and have layers of security all way down to the storage area for your servers. By using a layered approach with integrated features you are making it very challenging to breach the security.

Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication 

As part of the layering of security, you will also want to implement multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication uses multiple identifiers to ensure that an individual is fully authorized to enter an area. For example, a multi-factor approach could be designed in the following way:

  • Entry to the parking area requires a parking tag checked by security
  • Building entry requires photographic identification
  • Entry to each floor requires a keypad code
  • Access to a highly secure area requires a fingerprint

As you can see, for someone to get access to the highly secure area, in a multi-factor approach they have to go through four total security checks. 

Protecting Electronic Data 

The same two concepts will also be used to protect the electronic data itself. To access the data, a person has to first go through the physical checks, but then will also have to go through digital security checks like passwords, firewalls, and identification and detection systems. These will also be fully integrated into the physical security system to provide notifications to security experts whenever any breach occurs. 

Reputation Is Critical To Data Security

As with all things, perception matters. Often times, the knowledge of the existence of a security system can do more to deter crime than the actual system itself. Having a strong corporate image of security goes really far to protect data as well. If you have a multi-factor, layered system it shows the world that you mean business when it comes to security. A strong reputation is essential to a data center.

Using this approach to security will guarantee your data center is fully protected. The best way to get a system like this is to work with a high quality security company that specializes in data center security. A security expert can design a multi-factor, layered system from start to finish and implement the system without a hitch. They can also upgrade an existing system to meet new security demands.