Good Security Practices For Pharmacies

June 14th, 2019

Anyone that runs a pharmacy in Denison, TX already knows that there’s a certain amount of risk. Medicine and street legal drugs will always be valuable, and having these resources collected in one place can make such sites a target for crime. 

This is why it’s important for pharmacies in Denison, TX to implement good security measures. However, there’s a big difference between having a security presence on site and having one that effectively monitors and protects the area. Here’s what you can do to ensure your security practices are working for you.

Observe State Laws

Different states have different laws on everything from the legality of marijuana to abortion, and the same is true for security cameras and their placement. Make sure that you are compliant with what the laws in your state say is legal for where and how security cameras are used.

This is especially important if you ever want to admit security camera footage into evidence for prosecuting charges. If the camera the footage was obtained from was illegally placed according to state law, this could jeopardize the validity of the footage.

Be Visible

It’s important when you have a security camera in place in a pharmacy to make sure that everyone knows it. The biggest perk that security cameras bring to a pharmacy is that they act as a deterrence. Once people know that critical identifying characteristics like their face, clothing, height, and weight may all be captured on camera, they are more reluctant to commit a crime.

By making sure you have cameras visible, and announcing the presence of cameras in the area, you eliminate many possibilities for theft. No one wants to steal, get caught, arrested, and then prosecuted. Knowing that you have implemented cameras makes the likelihood of that outcome much higher.

Use High-Resolution Cameras

While deterrence is a great benefit of security cameras, investigative aid can sometimes mean the difference between an unsolved crime and a prosecution in court. Using higher resolution HD cameras means getting sharper, crisper, more detailed images. This can be important for getting certain details, such as the lettering on a thief’s clothing, or, for outdoor cameras, reading license plates.

When conducting an investigation, every scrap of discernible information helps. Blurry cameras that provide few details are not as helpful to police—or evidence submission—as clear, detailed images.

Don’t Ignore Storage Or Staff

A final, unfortunate consideration is making sure a pharmacy is not just secure from outside theft, but internal as well. The profits from black market medicine and drugs can sometimes be too great for employees to resist. Make sure that your security can also monitor employee activity. Have security cameras in place to monitor your stock/storage rooms as well, since if no theft occurs outside, but your own supplies are dwindling within the store, the stock room may be the scene of the crime.

Pharmacies in Denison, TX are always vulnerable. If you want to enjoy better security, contact us, and we can help you find out what you need for more peace of mind and a more secure facility.