Common Crimes Businesses Fall Prey To

April 26th, 2019

Having the right security system in place for your business in Denison, TX is imperative for keeping your property safe and saving you money by preventing any crimes from happening in the first place. If a crime does occur, the security system will help with the fiscal damage.

Since crime costs a business owner a lot of money each year, it is important to protect your business by investing in a security system. The following are a few of the more common crimes that a business may fall prey to:


One single act of vandalism can ultimately cost a business upwards of $3,000 on average. If something is broken and damaged, it is going to cost money to replace, and if the business has to shut down to make these repairs, it is going to end up costing even more.


Twenty percent of all small business related insurance claims were due to burglary a few years back. The average claim for a burglary was approximately $8,000. For a small business, this can be a substantial amount of money to lose. Therefore, it is important to take the steps to protect your business at all times of the day and night.

Potential thieves and robbers in Denison, TX are much less likely to rob a business if they see that there are video cameras on the premises. They don't want to risk getting caught on camera and recorded. If they do get recorded, the footage will provide you with evidence to take to court to help get your merchandise or money returned.


Smaller crimes like shoplifting can also cost a business owner thousands of dollars per year. A great deterrent for shoplifting is having security cameras in place. You will again also have the footage that is needed to catch them.

Employee Theft

Employee theft is also prevalent in all kinds of businesses and has even been the cause of some businesses going bankrupt. Security cameras offer you the opportunity to monitor your employees, and it is also a good deterrent to help prevent employee theft and save money in the long run.

Installing a Security System

To protect your bottom line and continue to operate and grow a successful business, you should invest in a security system. With robberies accounting for a large portion of business crimes in the United States and with a steadily increasing rise in occurrences, now is the time to take action and avoid becoming just another statistic.

Robberies and any other crime that affects your business can also potentially be life-threatening and can cost your business thousands of dollars in losses and damages. Most surveillance systems today offer premium features to make monitoring your business much easier than before.

They are typically wireless, battery operated, and easy to install. They are also very affordable which makes the decision to purchase one for your business in Denison, TX even easier to make.